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Updated look for CID

During the months of imposed quiet, Dr. Tetlan finished and published her book History of the Brain. Additionally, we updated our look so as the world begins to catch traction again, CID's is an optimistic, bright look. When you come to a CID training, you'll see this...

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History of the Brain

Are you curious about: how we came to learn about our brains? the mistakes made along the way? the wrong assumptions endorsed by experts? the bumpy path that has led us to where we are today? History of the Brain answers those questions and leaves the reader with...

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Three Elements of Effective Visual Communication

How often do you tell yourself “I could have said that better” – but it’s already out there? Or you breathe a sigh of relief that it’s editable and hope you get to it before too many people see? Currently, depending on the venue, good intentions don’t seem to factor in. People read (some with predispositions, assumptions, etc.) take your message and run. Or they may disregard it entirely.
On the other hand, when you create your message well …

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We hope you are enjoying this site! So tell us—what are your thoughts about Cognitive-based Information Design?

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