Are you curious about:
how we came to learn about our brains?
the mistakes made along the way?
the wrong assumptions endorsed by experts?
the bumpy path that has led us to where we are today?

History of the Brain answers those questions and leaves the reader with insights into both the human brain and human nature.

It’s written for the general public with 140 pictures to help the reader visualize the people, places and techniques that uncovered knowledge about the brain. Some events will fascinate, others may disgust, but all of it will enlighten the reader.  Beginning in prehistoric times, this story takes the reader up to the 21st century where we find volumes of research being made available to the public.

Whenever a “First” occurs, the phrase is highlighted in red. A list of those firsts is located in the Appendix.

Whenever an individual is mentioned, their country is noted to highlight the diversity of locations that stimulated knowledge and understanding of the brain. Images of people mentioned are provided whenever possible.

Here’s the link to History of the Brain by CID’s Founder, Lou Tetlan, PhD, on Amazon.