“… CID training was eye-opening for me! It has transformed how I communicate! These skills are incredibly valuable, applicable everywhere & worth sharing with your entire organization.”

  Continuous Improvement Leader
Global manufacturing corporation

“I feel like I’ve found the recipe to the secret sauce!”

Hospital Organization
Workshop Attendee

“I have already made use of the information from your class to change the way I present information in my classes.”

K-12 Teacher

“[Lou] is quite amazing and very bright. That came across loud and clear to a room full of engineers and manufacturing executives who like to get the facts. Everyone walked away with value and tools they could begin to use immediately. The room was buzzing with all the possibilities.”

Regional Business Association

“…I think your approach has a lot of merit, and I’d be interested in learning more and seeing how we could apply it to our work. Please contact me….

State Energy Organization
Research & Education Coordinator

“This past semester I attended six E-Learning workshops…In particular, I look forward to implementing the techniques learned in the Creating Great Power Point demonstration to better match the cognitive processes of students… Overall, the [CID] … session provided a blueprint for better pedagogy that will be of great use in my classrooms. It is now clear that my PowerPoints have accomplished one goal—augmenting information presented in other formats during class—while neglecting my most important aims—to engage students and help them to comprehend and recall information. I have no doubt that using CID to enhance my PowerPoints will also enhance my students’ experience.”

Marquette University

Written responses to a CID designed exhibition on Parkinson’s Disease:


“The presentation of the information was easy to digest..”

“…communicated very effectively…”

“…I walked away understanding more than I started with, yet without any confusion!!”

“Very enlightening. Laid out the steps consistently to explain the sequence of procedures.”

“…learned without thinking you were learning something…easy to follow information.”

“…it was very interactive and pulled me in.”


“I love the layout of the entire packet. It is easy to go through.”

Service Organization
Executive Director

“Thank you for the incredible research from The CID Group about how the brain processes information, and how to apply it to professional correspondence. This, coupled with the university degree, puts our students in a great position to start their career on the right foot. “

University School of Business

“The beauty of using CID principles is that it doesn’t necessarily force a complete overhaul of pieces. Sometimes all it takes is a tweak here, and a tweak there — and the piece transforms from a confusing one to useful one.“

Major Insurance Company
Marketing & Product Design

“Excellent presentation at the discovery building yesterday…thanks a lot.”

University Outreach Specialist

“I’d really like to thank you for all you did … You’re a great teacher and I will continue to work on my CID skills and apply them to future projects.”

Iowa State University

“On behalf of the Center for Teaching and Learning, thank you so much for the Outstanding presentation…Your presentation was very well received as evidenced by the outstanding evaluations. I talked to a number of participants following the session who went out of their way to thank me for organizing a professional development opportunity for faculty understanding of student needs as well as expanded their understanding of student created multi-media projects. You do such a nice job of engaging each and every participant while providing practical suggestions for improving student learning….I would love a repeat performance!”

Marquette University
Director, e-learning
Center for Teaching and Learning

“This email is amazing. I was finished reading it before I realized it … and I got it. What did you do?”

Financial Advisor

“It reads so fast. I especially like that you format with the phone / tablet screen in mind.”

Service Organization
Executive Director
Re: E-mail newsletter

“I am back in the office and have had a chance to review the changes you suggested. I am very happy with the overall look of the newsletter and think it is much more professional and easy to read. Thank you so much for your time and expertise!”

Service Organization
Executive Director
re: quarterly in-print newsletter

“I never knew CID could affect my resume’s effectiveness! I’m ready!”

  Workshop Participant
Improving job-search documents.

“It’s to the point. No nonsense. And hits the mark.”

Service Organization
Executive Director

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