CID Services

Our services parallel our organizational goals

  • To educate people to what CID is & why it’s important
  • Train people how to create CID documents and visual presentations. 

All requests for presentations or training are individually considered then tailored to your needs & time frame.

Examples of in-person or virtual


  • Intro to CID (20 min)

What CID is &
Why it’s important to you
Excellent for Breakfast
or Luncheon Meetings

  • Intro to CID (40 min)

– What CID Is
– Why CID is Important to You
– The Science of CID


  • Creating Messages That Sync With the Brain (1 hr)

– What CID Is
– Why It’s Important to you
– The Science of CID
– 2 Scientific findings &
10 CID-based tips to improve your messages.


  • 4 Hour CID Workshop –
    Creating Effective Print Documents

– What is CID?
– Why Is It Important?
– The Science Behind CID.
– How to create your own CID content.


  • 4 Hour CID Workshop –
    Creating Powerful Presentations

– What Is CID?
– Why is It Important?
– The Science Behind CID.
– How to create CID presentations.

Digital Courses in Production

  • The CID Starter Course
  • Creating Effective Print Documents
  • Creating Powerful Presentations
    Watch for release date details!

Contact us to discuss creating your individualized presentation.

Training Workshops

We develop training sessions based on group needs.  To date, workshop sizes have ranged from 5 – 300.  Our 4-hour workshops include hands-on time to work on your own items.

You can choose the scope and size of an onsite workshop at your location; print documents, presentations, or a combination of the two.  We’re careful to observe health-related precautions so your learners feel safe.

Workshops can include follow-up coaching for continued feedback on client projects over a short or extended period of time.

We train for your desired outcomes.

Contact us to discuss creating your training workshop.

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