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  1. JoAnn Hegarty

    Fascinating! I look forward to finding out more so I can have more effective communications with the various groups and ages who come under my umbrella. (Seniors, volunteers, facilities and providers.) I can see that CID will be valuable in presenting the requirements for each group.

  2. Jenner Dye

    The new website looks great!
    I continue to find valuable applications for CID -recently redesigning job descriptions.

    Looking forward to staying connected!

  3. Claudine Jaenichen

    This book is very well written, accessible, and a critical topic missing in undergraduate design education. The examples and metaphors were very helpful (and I can imagine teaching this to my undergraduate classes with clarity). As an information design practitioner, this is a useful tool to support the work that I do and articulate the importance CID to clients.

  4. Phil Ransom

    You and I provide information every day that we want to be clearly understood and carried out.
    We deliver it to:
    Donors & Volunteers
    Students & Employees
    Clients & Prospects

    For 2 1/2 years or so, I’ve been applying Cognitive-based Information techniques to the communication I generate. Some clients know only that it’s really clear, gets results, but that’s enough for them. Put it to work!

    I hope this doesn’t sound sales-y, but I’m enthused about what I found. I predict that CID will transform how we communicate in the next 3 – 5 years.

    I’m glad I heard about it soon after Dr. Tetlan decided to make her findings known. But rather than gush and ramble (the opposite of what CID teaches) may I pique your curiosity? Have you read the FREE chapter here? What do you think?


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