How often do you tell yourself “I could have said that better” – but it’s already out there? Or you breathe a sigh of relief that it’s editable and hurry to get to it before too many people see?

Currently, depending on the venue, good intentions don’t seem to factor in. People read (some with predispositions, assumptions, etc.) take your message and run. Or they may disregard it entirely. Problems multiply. Dismay sets in.

On the other hand, when you create your message well, people tend to actually get it. What’s more, they may even remember — correctly! [insert sigh of relief]

This slide lifted out of #thecidgroup presentations summarizes the three elements of effective visual communication.

How are these currently demanding your time and energy? Is there one that presents a greater challenge than the others?  Let us know in the comments and join us in The CID Group on LinkedIn for additional discussion.

Getting readers to engage,

Ensuring they understand correctly,

Helping them recall the information.