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How Graphic Designers Benefit from CID

CID is a new tool for graphic designers with 3 advantages:

1. It substantiates the basis for your designs based on scientific findings. These findings form the basis of CID providing you reasons as to why your designs are effective & appropriate.

2. Learning CID’s 3-step process can take you to the next level in your professional skills.

3. Becoming Certified in CID provides you with a significant certification that can be used in your marketing & professional credentials.  For example, upon becoming CID Certified you can identify yourself as “Your Name, Graphic Designer, CID Certified”.  Go to CID Certified to view examples of those who are already certified.

Scientific Findings

Researchers in various scientific fields have been investigating how humans process information.

During the same time graphic designers & those creating visual information were already applying some principles of design that science would eventually verify.

How to Learn CID

In order to design cognitively effective formats graphic designers need to be trained in what constitutes cognitive design.

It takes 4 hours to learn the process, but like any new skill it takes practice to become proficient.

As more fields are learning about CID the demand for people who are trained in this area could increase dramatically.

While anyone can learn how to create CID formats graphic designers have the potential of being the best creators of CID formats. Combining CID techniques with graphic design techniques could produce the most cognitively effective formats.

There are already people from other fields (e.g. Marketing, Insurance, Engineers, Scientists, Educators and Business executives) who have been trained in this method.

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“…the [person putting information together] must think first, work later.” 

Ladislav Sutnar
Information Graphics Designer

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