CID Certified

CID Certified

The following people have received additional training in Cognitive-based Information Design. They have shown competency in basic CID indings and the ability to create CID formats.



Amy Decker Visual Communication Designer. CID Certified 2016

Christopher Bishop  Creating cognitive design from complicated content. CID Certified 2016

Andrea Del Balso Fell * Branding, logo design & marketing material design. CID Certified 2018

Douglas G. Marschalek * – Apply learning theory to the design of environments, experiences, information & objects. CID Certified 2016

Heidi Schlehlein  Specializing in medical communication. CID Certified 2016

Jennifer Rash  B2B communications design consultant. CID Certified 2016

Nanette Jamel Designer. CID Certified 2016

Shawn Simmons – CID Certified 2016



Philip L Ransom * – Designing effective keynotes & presentations.
See & Hear. Understand. Do.
CID Certified 2017




Philip L Ransom * – Helping executives write with vision, purpose & clarity. CID Certified 2016



Shane Fell *Website design & digital marketing. CID Certified 2018

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