We want to put a disruptive, new paradigm-setting method in your hands the minute it’s ready!

2 Digital Courses from The CID Group are nearing completion and you can reserve yours.

One teaches you how to create print documents that sync with the brain. The other shows you how to create presentations, specifically PowerPoints, that sync with your viewers’ brains and cognitive processes.

As we come out of our Covid caves, we’re discounting 87 Digital Courses at 40% off to give you a competitive edge.

       Why 87?


Research shows that 87% of adults in the US are below proficient in reading. That’s nearly 9 out of 10!

Only 13% of your readers are proficient in reading!  Staggering isn’t it?!


When you learn & apply CID’s 17 scientific findings, you’ll open the door to reaching that 87% because your visual messages will sync with how their brains actually process visual information. You’ll be on the cutting edge, ahead of your peers.

So —   you don’t have to fly or drive to the Midwest.
You don’t have to pay for lodging, a rental car & meals while you’re here.
You don’t have to miss a game or birthday party.

Purchase your digital course by clicking below.

Creating Effective Print Documents Digital Course  – Pre-Release Discount 

Creating Powerful PowerPoints Digital Course – Pre-Release Discount

(You may purchase both – Limit one of each per person)

The pandemic-related lockdowns cost everyone time, money & convenience. The innovative and those who pivoted are still in business and doing well. Ironically, the need for effective communication grew exponentially during the lockdowns, heightening our commitment to teaching people how to communicate more effectively.  As a result, The CID Group is adding digital courses to our available services.

We don’t plan to offer this discount again.  We’re not into gimmicks.  But we believe this will significantly impact your professional and personal life! This is a one-time discount to introduce the launch of these courses. We’re limiting this to one discount per person per course,  through December 31st.


Is CID new to you? Watch the short video series at the top of our home page.
• What is CID?  (1 min)
• Why CID is Important  (2 min)
• The Science of CID (6 min) includes a sample of what you’ll learn in the digital courses.

Digital courses that teach unique skills are generally priced at $2500.00 – $5000.00. Our corporate policy is to share CID with as many people as possible, so we’ve priced these courses very low, at $800. This introductory discount makes your price $480, not $800.  Client & CID Alumni responses indicate these will go fast.  Don’t wait.


CID Alumni Benefits Include:

Membership in the online CID Alumni community
• where we share new CID insights first,
• alumni help each other with challenges and
• celebrate successes.
• Dr. Tetlan, Phil Ransom & others encourage CID Alumni.

We invite CID alumni to attend future workshops of the same type at no additional cost to
• refresh & update their CID proficiency, and
• collaborate with CID users.